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Ads and so called "verticals" occupy most of the space "above the fold" on Google's search results pages, which makes the search experience look like a booze cruise.

Tired of that rip-off? The browser plugin "Free My Search" makes that plague go away once and for all.

Free My Search


Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox

Plugin-Details & Installation

The problem

Ads are Google's primary source of income. But the searchgiant tends to exaggerate. Ii feels like 95 percent above the fold are ads and verticals. The tip of the iceberg has been reached. Do you want an example?

Shocking pictures

Not suitable for people working in the search marketing industry.

Task: Find the organic content.

According to Google such advertisements are delivered only for a small percentage of search requests. This may also largely agree but what Google "forgets" to tell is the fact, that most of that other queries are related to topics they do not deliver ads for. Topics such as tobaco, alcohol and of course everythink adult rated. Those queries are making a big cut of all searches woldwide and occur in no stats. The rest get's cannibalized by Google the way the above pictures show.

We are of the opinion that everybody should make money online - Google too. But that should not be based on parasitic business tactics.

Without the free data of billion of websites Google would be worth nothing!

Existing solutions are inadequate

Since years now there are working solutions in the wild. Adblockers, who remove ads from any website. Unfortunately by default they remove all or nothing. In our view that is the wrong approach because running a website cost money and webmasters have to earn. Ads are part of the game. You get content for free and have to accept the ads.

Another reason to bring "Free My Search" in the game is the lately revelaed sleazy business model with one of the biggest adblockers out there.

So what?

"Free My Search" was developed to make our beloved Google search fair and suitable for anyone again. It comes for Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and removes by default just the ads above the search results and the PLA (Product Listing Ads), Ads in the sidebar on the right are untouched by default but you are free to configure "Free My Search" the way that it removes those too and all the other verticals like Places, Maps, News ... you name it.


Ads above the serps are removed. No discussion here!

Ads in the content network have to stay. No discussion either!

Optional remove:

  • Verticals
    • Picture Carousel above the serps
    • Google+ Profil in the Sidebar
    • Google-Map in the Sidebar
    • News-Results in the organic serps
    • Pictures in the organic serps
  • Ads
    • Ads in the Sidebar
    • Ads below the serps
  • Download


  • Chrome
    • Automatic installation via the Webstore.
  • Firefox
    • Download free-my-search-X.x.xpi.
    • Drag & Drop free-my-search-X.x.xpi in an open Firefox-Window.
    • Confirm the dialog asking permissions for the installation.

What other people have to say


"Free My Search" was build with the intent to make Google a better place - again.

Please feel free to contact me and be sure to spread the word!


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